PCA v Victoria Barracks Irregulars – Vic Barracks, Thursday 15 October 2009

October 27, 2009 by  

With our shoes polished, creams ironed and gear double checked (except one recruit) the PCA marched into Victoria Barracks, Paddington, Sydney at approximately 11.41.am ready to do battle against the “Irregulars” cricket team. At precisely 12.25 pm we mustered for the mission brief given by Captain Benjamin Watson.  We accepted his statement of not being a great cricket side and to “take it easy on us”.  Casting his eye of experience over the PCA regiment, Field Marshal Mullo’s won the toss and elected to send the Irregulars into bat.

Taking up the forward position at 12.28 pm for the PCA were Sergeants Lloyd 1-13 off 4 and Pryde 2-10 off 4, both bowling at ½ pace respecting their oppositions claim of “ not being regular cricketers”  Brigadier Bray 0-12 off 4 showed that  leg spin can be a weapon of first change. Colonel Hunter 0-25 off 4 returned with his shoes and will be facing disciplinary action for both his bowling and uniform misdemeanours. General Pedley (VC) 0-34 off 4 proved he is a batsman.  Lieutenant Colonel Le Moy (French for good bloke) 0-18 off 4 after conceding 12 in his first came back strongly. Field Marshall Mullo’s 0-13 off 2 had no penetration what so ever and was forced to resign. Lieutenant Braid 1-14 off 2 and Major General Crosby 1-12 off 2 got the Primary Club back on track and once again the Irregulars were under pressure. Cadet Buscall (on debut for the PCA) 0-29 off 2 came under heavy artillery fire from a raging Huong (no 63); other notable scores for the Irregulars were Beergam no 33 and Varvel 27. Second Lieutenant Camejo did an outstanding job behind the stumps allowing only 1 bye during the 32 overs. The irregulars finished with a respectable 199. 

At exactly 14.28 pm the air raid sirens sounded and the PCA were ordered into battle. Lieutenant Braid (29 retired) and Major General Crosby (0) were the first to come under sniper attack.  Second Lieutenant Camejo (2) took over from Crosby and soon followed him to the ranks of the departed. Cadet Buscall (15) recouped some of the runs hit off his last 3 deliveries earlier in the conflict. Sergeant Lloyd (32 retired) took only 10 scoring shots to complete his innings clearly eyeing off the clock over the arch way. Sergeant Pryde (33 retired) and General Pedley (32 retired) steadied the offensive and made valuable ground towards the enemy target. Brigadier Bray (4) was actually out first delivery and will have his rank closely scrutinized. Colonial Hunter (32 retired) made up for earlier indiscretions posting his runs off only 10 scoring strokes and making great inroads into enemy territory. Field Marshall Mullo’s (14 no) and Lieutenant Le Moy (12 no) resplendent in batting style marched the PCA battalion into enemy headquarters and claimed victory. At precisely 16.54 pm Captain Watson handed over the trophy and conceded defeat. 

The PCA had scorched their way to 4-215 with an over to spare. The only thing left to do was to engage our defeated foe in the officer’s mess for some well earned $2 schooners.

A most enjopyable day was had by all the troops.


Field Marshall Mullo’s