Challenge Accepted !!! – Are you willing to take on the challenge ?????

Since the first Test Match between Australia and England in 1877, there have been countless occasions where batsmen have fallen first ball – the dreaded Golden Duck.

When the Primary Club of Australia took up the challenge to raise money for sporting and recreational equipment for people with disabilities in 1974 – we looked to the dreaded Australian Golden Duck as an opportunity to raise this money.

37 years later – the Primary Club of Australia is again creating a new challenge – this time involving cricket teams from around Australia, coming together to raise money for the Primary Club of Australia through your Golden Ducks.

The 2013-14 Cricket season is upon us, and The Primary Club’s President, ABC Commentor and cricket legend, Jim Maxwell, invites all players across to country to come together in the event that a team mate scores a Golden Duck and has a whip around in the name of unfortunate player for the Primary Club of Australia.

Money raised can be donated via our “Donate Now” link you’ll see to the right.

We’ll also have certificates available that you can print out and present to the ‘unlucky’ player to acknowledge his or her contribution.