Golden Ducks

The Primary (or Golden Duck) theme has always been associated with our fundraising. Our members pay an annual subscription , however, when membership renewal notices are forwarded to them, they are also requested to pay tax deductible ‘fines’ (donations) of $10.00 per primary scored throughout the previous year by Australian players, Men and Women in Test Matches, One Day Internationals or Twenty20 matches. We update the pictures as often as a Primary occurs. Usually we’ll have two or three pictures up there. The rest can be found below.

Remember also that we also record the golden ducks from 1 June though to 1 June the following year, in order to be able to send out our subs prior the end of the financial year. 

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2019 – 2020 Golden Ducks

Well the 2019-2020 year of Golden Ducks started with the World Cup in England.  


Australia Vs Sri Lanka

20th match, ICC Cricket World Cup at The Oval, Jun 15 2019

PJ Cummins   Score: 0   Balls: 1


Australia vs New Zealand

37th match (D/N), ICC Cricket World Cup at Lord’s, Jun 29 2019

MA Starc Score: 0  Balls: 1