Golden Ducks [2013-14]

We’re tracking the Golden Ducks / Primaries from 2013-14

The year started with Australia continuing their Ashes campaign in England. While we returned from England with the Ashes, Australia can be proud to know that at least England ended up with more Golden Ducks / Primaries than we did. 3-2. This is good news for those following the Primary Club challenge vs the Primary Club  of the UK.

During this massive Ashes campaign over two continents, our Patron, Richie Benaud again put out the challenge. A challenge that would put fear into any member of the Primary Club of the UK. Not only have members of the Primary Club of Australia said they will pay $5 for each Australia Golden Duck – they have stated that in fact during Ashes series that they would be willing to $10 for each English Primary !!!

Of course these donations to the Primary Club of Australia are voluntary, but the feedback we’ve been receiving has been overwhelming. Some members saying that they would be happy to pay a $100 donation for each English Golden Duck.

In England, Trent Bridge (10th July 2013), England’s Steven Finn scored a dreaded primary and a few days later, Jonathon Trott too joined him in the club. Prior joined them in the 4th Test played at Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street.

Little would we all have suspected in the turn around in fortunes for the Australian team. Following our victory in Perth, Australia regained the ASHES !!!

But this loss hurt a little more than most as the English have suffered and given up five Primaries .. five Golden Ducks …

Ian Bell becomes the latest English Test player to score the dreaded Primary (Melbourne, 28th December)!  He joins Alistair Cook (Perth), Stuart Broad (Adelaide), Jimmy Anderson (Adelaide) and Matt Prior(Brisbane), who suffered this fate this season.

But remember .. for those members of both teams who have found that long walk back after facing but one delivery, we say, your unfortunate loss means that money is raised that will make a difference for people with disabilities.

Those brave men and women can be found on the front page of the website – in a revolving “Wall of Primaries”.

The Primary (or Golden Duck) theme has always been associated with our fundraising. Our members pay an annual subscription , however, when membership renewal notices are forwarded to them, they are also requested to pay tax deductable ‘fines’ (donations) of $5.00 per primary scored throughout the previous year by Australian players in Test Matches, One Day Internationals or Twenty20 matches.

We update the pictures as often as a Primary occurs. Usually we’ll have two or three pictures up there. The rest can be found below. 

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10-Jul-13 EJM Cowan c Swann b Finn Trent Bridge, Nottingham vs England
25-Aug-13 BJ Haddin c Prior b Broad Kennington Oval, London vs England
8-Sep-13 MS Wade b Rankin Old Trafford, Manchester vs England
14-Sep-13 AJ Finch LBW b Finn Cardiff, Wales vs England
16/09/2013 MS Wade c Buttler b Stokes The Rose Bowl, Southampton vs England
30/10/2013 MG Johnson c Dhawan b Jadeja Jamtha, Nagpur vs India
3/01/2014 PM Siddle c Bairstow b Stokes Sydney, Australia vs England
23/02/2014 SE Marsh lbw b Philander St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth vs South Africa
23/02/2014 SPD Smith lbw b Steyn St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth vs South Africa
1/03/2014 MG Johnson c de Villiers b Duminy Newlands, Cape Town vs South Africa
4/03/2014 MJ Clarke c sub (Q de Kock) b Abbott Newlands, Cape Town vs South Africa



Australia vs England

The Ashes

1st Ashes Test
Played at Trent Bridge, Nottingham
10 July 2013 (5-day match)

EJM Cowan      c Swann b Finn      0

Over 3.4 and another! Fast-forward cricket. What a day we are having. Another awful top-order shot, Cowan chases a very wide, full delivery and edges a low catch to Swann at second slip. Not a shot he’ll want to frame. 19/2



5th Ashes Test

Played at Kennington Oval, London

25 August 2013

In an attempt to push the score along to give Australia a fighting chance to win the 5th Ashes Test – Brad Haddin sacrificed his wicket in the hope for quick runs. Brad, The Primary Club of Australia tips our hat to you.


BJ Haddin      c Prior b Broad   0

Over 12.2

135.6 kph, gone! Haddin goes first ball. A rather limp prod outside off, just trying to run it down to third man. Simple edge through to Prior 50/3



NatWest Series [Australia in England] –

2nd ODI

Played at Old Trafford, Manchester

8 September 2013

MS Wade      b Rankin      0

Over 46.3 

Length ball on off stump, Wade plays a nothing stroke really from the crease trying to run it down towards third man, the delivery was too close for the stroke and he’s dragged it on. Beaten for a pace a little and got a thick inside edge into off stump 283/6



NatWest Series [Australia in England] –

4th ODI

Played at Cardiff, Wales

14 September 2013

AJ Finch lbw b Finn 0 

Over 0.1

139.6 kph, but this ain’t no loosener, full and straight, struck on the pad and given out lbw. Oh yes that’s dead, finger goes up straight away and Finch is gone. A fast full delivery that seamed in a little bit and beat the attempted straight drive, hit the pad flush around the ankle and right in front of middle and leg, great start for England 1/1
(note: this was the first legal delivery of the innings. The first delivery of the innings was a wide and doesn’t count as a delivery faced by the batsman.)




NatWest Series [Australia in England]

5th ODI

Played at The Rose Bowl, Southampton

16 September 2013

MS Wade  c †Buttler b Stokes       0

Over 9.5

“and he’s gloved his first ball behind, a golden duck for Wade! This is quackers, we’ve had a brief interruption and Australia have come out and lost two in two! Stokes beat Wade for pace with the bouncer, it was a touch leg side, again could have been ignored but the new batsman chased it, clear flick of glove and Stokes has another 48/3”



Australia in India

30 October 2013 – day/night (50-over match)
MG Johnson  c  Dhawan b Jadeja 0 

49.4 93.0 kph, fuller length ball just outside off which Johnson gets down on one knee to slog, but finds Dhawan stationed at deep midwicket. Will the umpires check the front foot no-ball too? Looks like the umpires will have spared him the embarrassment just for now. Wickets beginning to fall in a heap, but it doesn’t really matter with 346 on the board 346/6




The Australian ASHES series  [Australia in England]

5th Test

Played at Sydney Cricket Ground – 3 January 2014 (5-day match)

PM Siddle          c †Bairstow b Stokes            0 

75.2 132.8 kph, good length just outside off, Siddle pokes at it and gets a thin edge behind and Stokes has a five-wicket haul. A decent delivery in the channel just outside off, it might have straightened a little too and took a little outside edge that carried low to Bairstow 325/9




Australia in South Africa

Within the space of a few minutes – the Australian team went from only having one Golden Duck this summer to having  three Golden Ducks.

Shaun Marsh

23 February 2014
Played at St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth
43.6 – Philander to Marsh, OUT, Marsh has bagged a pair. Who would have thought he scored a sensational hundred last match? Excellent ball given Marsh’s state of mind after the first-innings duck, but in effect Marsh has missed a leg-stump half-volley because he is playing too square. The ball is swinging a touch, enough, to pitch within the stumps and hit then hit them

SE Marsh lbw b Philander 0 (5m 1b 0x4 0x6) 


Steve Smith

Also …  23 February 2014
Played at St George’s Park, Port Elizabeth


48.5 – Steyn to Smith, OUT, … and he is already the old batsman. Steyn is on absolute fire. Like the buses, he has had to wait, but he has now got two in a row. Inswinger followed by outswinger to take the edge followed by the inswinger to trap him lbw. Too good for a new batsman. Steyn fires this in, just outside off, on a length, and reverses in to beat the bat and hit him plumb in front. Two golden ducks in the innings

SPD Smith lbw b Steyn 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) 


Third Test – Cape Town

1 March 2014
Newlands, Cape Town

Mitchell Johnson – Twas a tickle down leg side

126.6 – 84.7 kph, wide down leg, they ask for a stumping. He is actually asking for a catch down leg, and they have reviewed it. This is down leg, Johnson looks to flick it, seems he has missed it, but Duminy is adamant they review this. Smith is not on the field, but AB listens to Duminy and goes for it. There is a smidgeon on the inside edge as the ball passes the bat. There is a register on the snicko too. And he is gone. Duminy on a hat-trick 489/7

MG Johnson c †de Villiers b Duminy 0 


Michael Clarke


Following a BRILLIANT century in the first innings, Clarke followed up with a #GOLDENDUCK in the second as the Australians strives for a win in the Third Test and the series.

52.2 – 134.4 kph, golden duck for Clarke. Does he now wish he had declared earlier? Looks to drive a length ball over mid-off, gets only the outside half of the bat, is caught at mid-off 257/4

MJ Clarke* c sub (Q de Kock) b Abbott 0