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Demonstrate your support for providing sporting and recreational opportunities for all by becoming a Member of the Primary Club of Australia.

Membership Fee

$50 Annually

Membership year: 1 July - 30 June

Covers our administration and membership services.  Membership fees and donations are non-refundable.         

Golden Duck Fine

In addition to the membership fee, our members are 'fined' for every golden duck (or 'primary') scored by Australians in Tests, One Day International and Twenty20 matches. There were 15 such instances in the 12 months to June 2023.

Please remember that while the Club refers to ‘fines’, it is actually a donation and you are under no obligation to pay should you not wish to do so. Donations go into a trust fund, are fully tax deductible and are used entirely to meet our charitable objectives.

Over the last five years this resulted in more than $700,000 in grants to our various charitable organisations.

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