Projects we have brought to Life

Following is a selection of some of the projects we have contributed funding towards so that people with disabilities can experience the joy and excitement from sporting and recreational pursuits.


Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

The Primary Club provided a $44,000 grant for the hospital to purchase a FES supine bike. The bike plays an important part in the rehabilitation programs for children with severe disabilities resulting from a medical condition or serious accident. “The FES-based exercise equipment has made a dramatic change in the rehabilitation programs we can deliver,” Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation’s Tanya Sarina said. “We can keep the hope alive that these children may be able to use their legs and arms more functionally in the future.”


The Ponds School

The Ponds School in Western Sydney caters for more than 100 students with moderate to severe intellectually disabled children. The Primary Club provided it with a grant of $25,000 to purchase and install playground equipment for these children. Principal Leonie Donaldson said the equipment plays a positive part in the students development.


Tallowood School

The Primary Club provided a $50,000 grant to the Kellyville based school catering for students with special needs. This grant enabled the school to purchase playground equipment that was designed specifically for children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and their associated needs. Deputy Principal Deb Swinton said the equipment offered the children more than just play. “The children with autism often play in a parallel way so we encourage them to have positive interactions with each other, and the play equipment really helps,” she said. “The hammock is very calming, so it’s good for helping them manage their emotions and behaviour.”



Other Grants we've made

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick - $44k for a FES supine bike   

Disabled Surfers - $43k for surf wheelchairs and hypothermia rugs  

Riding for Disabled, Box Hill NSW - $34k for a ramp to improve accessibility  

Sporting Wheelies ,QLD - $32k for rugby wheelchairs and all sports wheelchairs 

Balmain Para Rowers - $30k for a double scull for paraplegic rowers 

Spring Farm Public School, SW Sydney - $28k for synthetic turf for playground 

Aspect Hunter High School - $26k for playground equipment 

Sargood on Collaroy - $22k for gym equipment 

Verterans Sports Aust - $20k for archery & other sports equipment  

Studio ARTES, Hornsby - $12.5k for a touch screen, loom and music instruments  

Empower Golf, Parkwood QLD - $10k to part-funded a Paragolfer unit 

Trytons Cricket, Randwick - $6k for cricket equipment    

Disabled Winter Sports - $2.3k for a bluetooth mountain guide  

Blind Cricket, NSW - $2.3k for a marquee to provide shelter and shade for matches 

Sailability Nowra - $2k for sailing equipment 

Blind Sports VIC - $1.3k for audible tennis balls